How to use Stumbled Upon Marketing in 2018

4 strategies that will make you go like “Why didn’t I think about that?”

What You're Going To Learn

  • How to get into the psyche of your customers and create marketing messages that they can strongly relate to
  • How to use Facebook’s advance targetting to create high impact ads
  • How to create and curate content that your target market will consume
  • How to use emails to add that personal touch

Picture this: It’s in 2015, and after years of watching Korean dramas (both on TV and real life), you decided to visit the country. You would probably Google “cheap flights to Korea”, visit a travel fair or maybe even drop in at your usual travel agency.

In 2017 the scenario goes like this: you’re browsing through your Facebook timeline, and among the kitten-playing-piano videos, friends humblebragging the highlights of their lives and the latest scandals, you see an ad with your favourite Korean actors, with a headline that reads:

“Visit the birthplace of your favourite Korean idols”, or,

“Dine at the same iconic restaurants you’ve seen on your favourite shows”, or something just straight forward as,

“Cheap flights to Jeju Island from as low as RMXXX!”

You click on the ad, and before you know it, you and your better half, or family members, (it’s perfectly OK to go alone too), are heading to South Korean next month.

So what just happened? 

In the first scenario, your purchase was intentional. You wanted to go to South Korea, and you went to make the sale happen.

In the second scenario though, it wasn’t. Sure, you know about South Korea, you may say to yourself “one day I’ll go”, but you didn’t take action before seeing those ads. The ads and articles, planted the idea in your head, and lined up with a good Call-To-Action (CTA), and #boom, sale was made.

Now, you do know that you’re not the only one behaving that way, right? To buy something you originally have no intention to at all? Well, I call it Stumbled Upon Marketing, not the fanciest of terms, but it does SUM up this marketing approach. (SUM, get it?)

With Facebook reporting 2 billion active users on their platform, and 3.7 billion email users worldwide, your prospects and customers are pretty much stuck on their devices. If you don’t capitalise on that in 2018, your competitors surely will (some probably already do!)

So here are 4 ways where you can use Stumbled Upon Marketing to drive more sales in 2018.


#1. Get intimate with your target customers

No, not that kind of intimate. What I mean is for you to build strong avatars or customer profiles of your target market, and aside from the usual demographic elements like age, gender, location etc, think of the psychographics too. What are their interest? Who do they follow on social media? What are their goals and dreams? What are their greatest fears?

Building great customer avatars will enable you to target them well on your ads, and also craft really compelling sales copies to attract their attention, gain their buy-in, and of course, get a sale.


#2. Targeted Facebook Ads

Yes, with an average 50 minute spent per day on Facebook, your customers are just waiting to “stumble upon” your offers. When setting up your Facebook ads, spend some time to pick off the interest of your target customers based on step #1. Go crazy, and think of interest and brands they are likely associated too.


#3. Personalised Content Marketing

Blog posts, articles, videos, events etc, those are great avenues to engage your prospects. Write something that addresses their pain, record videos of how you can solve their problems, or create events around specific pressing issues they face. This, combined with targeted Facebook ads, will further bury your brand, products and services in their minds.

Not to mention these contents make good SEO too, which drives more people to your business. That’s what I called engineered Stumbled Upon Marketing.


#4. Personalised Emails

If you’ve already got customers and clients, why not send them those great contents to their emails? With a little twist of the CTA, you can ask for referrals, up-sell or cross-sell them, or just simply be a good service provider who continues to educate their supporters.

With a catchy title and solid content, your customers will be like “Hey, why didn’t I think about that?”, and that’s the common response to Stumbled Upon Marketing too.

So there you have it. You don’t have to do all #2, #3 and #4; just pick one that’s easiest for you to start. But please do #1 because it’s fundamental to your business success.

Let me know what you think, and definitely looking forward to see (or stumble upon) your marketing activities soon!

Business Development Strategist, Email Wizard, Content Magician and a Productivity Optimizer (codename: lazyass+cheapass), Maverick produces content for a living. With over 93% of his business starting from a simple (and often cold) email, Maverick consults SMEs, MNCs and startups on how to leverage on technology and creative story-telling to supercharge sales and rev-up customer engagement. When he's not working to put food on the table (and Lego in his son's collection), Mav loves to cafe-hop around the region with his partner-in-crime, Debbie.

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