Have You Secured Your Personalized LinkedIn URL?

Because once it’s gone, you would have just missed a great branding opportunity.

What You're Going To Learn

  • How to secure your LinkedIn URL (before others do!)

It’s a race when it comes to domain names and Facebook page URLs. Let’s face it, once someone has taken up your desired domain or URL names, you’ll be bumped to come up with creative ways for the alternative. Sounds like a compromise, no?

Because it is.

Same goes with LinkedIn. With over half a billion users and growing, it’s likely that someone may take up your desired URL (especially if you have a popular name). So before you’re forced into another situation where you need to crack your head coming up with something professional, why not go ahead and snap up yours first.

And this quick guide will help you.


Step 1: Go to your profile (Desktop first. Mobile app further down.)

Click on your (handsome/pretty/just plain hot) portrait at the top right-ish, and click on View profile.


Step 2: Click on Edit public profile & URL


Step 3: Grab Your URL!

Click on the blue pencil icon and enter your preferred URL.


Step 4: That’s it!


Problem with the Mobile App

If you’re on mobile as you’re reading this, the steps above may not apply as it cannot be done on your LinkedIn app. However, fret not. Just log in to your LinkedIn account on your mobile browser, and click on this link.

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