28th, 29th May 2024
(Tuesday,  & Wednesday)

9.30 AM to 6.00 PM

Iconik Co-Working Space, Petaling Jaya

From: Dato’ James Foo

To: Business Owners, Founders, or Entrepreneurs who want to Buy, Grow, Sell your business (or even invest in one)

Dear Market Leaders,

If you’re looking to BUY a business, this masterclass will help you identify its profit potential and pinpoint key areas of growth.

If you’re looking to GROW your existing business, this masterclass will help you spotlight the growth gaps and highlight opportunities for #newprofits.

If you’re looking to SELL your business, this masterclass will help you increase your business’ value and fetch the best price for your years of hard work.

If you’re looking to INVEST in other businesses, this masterclass will help you discover innovation strategies for explosive growth.

Having Helped 143 Companies Across 132 Industries to Grow & Scale

We’ve Noticed 4 Emerging Trends That Are Stopping Businesses From Growing & Scaling.


#1: Consumers Are Smarter

  • They are now more skeptical and careful with spending their money
  • They have more options to choose from, eg. comparing prices and features
  • They choose to buy from brands that align with their values


#2: Costs Are Higher

  • The cost of doing business has increased
  • The cost of making a wrong business decision is also higher
  • Attracting and retaining talent costs higher


#3: Competition Is Fiercer

  • An increasing number of competitors entering the market, taking up market share
  • It’s getting tougher to differentiate and stand out
  • Price wars are reducing profits as companies compete on price, rather than value


#4: Market Conditions Are Tougher

  • Political drama, economic rollercoasters, and social shifts are all playing a wild game with the market
  • Trends, changes, and disruptions are happening faster than you can say “upgrade”
  • All these are adding to the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm of running a business


If any of the above hit home for you, and you’d like to have a solution, please read on…

Charlie Munger (Warren Buffett’s longtime business partner and confidant) once famously said,

“Think forwards and backwards—invert, always invert.”

In decision-making and problem-solving, the concept of inversion involves looking at problems in reverse to gain valuable insights and solutions. 

By flipping the perspective and considering the opposite of the problem you’re facing, you can often uncover new insights and solutions.

If We Apply Inversion On The 4 Challenges

Here’s How It’d Look Like:


Because Consumers Are Smarter, you need to be Relevant.

This means having a unique and strong Market Positioning.


Because Costs Are Higher, you need to be Effective.

This means having the right Profit Model to generate new profits consistently.


Because Competition Is Fiercer, you need to have Authority.

This means becoming a Market Leader in your industry.


Because Market Conditions Are Tougher, you need to have Leverage.

This means leveraging trends and technologies, understanding your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and identifying your Competitive Advantage.


That’s What The New Profits Innovation Masterclass Is All About

To Help You Make Your Business R.E.A.L.

As a business owner who manages a portfolio of companies, I understand how valuable our time is as business owners.

The last thing I want, no…

The last thing you want, is to attend a masterclass, get overwhelmed/ excited with new information, but struggle to implement anything after the masterclass ends, right?


And that’s the reason why we at Authority Institute focus on making sure you walk away with Actionable Insights, by equipping you with our Scalable Frameworks.

Below is a list of frameworks my team has listed, for you to have a better idea of what to expect.


Whether you choose to join us to discover how to innovate and stay competitive, or not…

The choice is yours.

I’m simply offering to show you how we do it.


So grab your ticket to the New Profits Innovation Masterclass with our First Launch Offer of just RM 3,997 (…before price increases for the next masterclass)


Looking forward to seeing you at the masterclass,

What You’ll Get 

When You Join The New Profits Innovation Masterclass

#1 : The New Profits Framework™

This framework gives you the ability to have a bird’s-eye view of your business and industry

With this tool, you will know how to proactively identify lucrative opportunities in the market, and make the most out of your current resources.

Amount Clients Have Paid For A 1:1 Consult On This:
RM 30,000

#2 : The Business H.E.L.M. Framework™

Being busy doesn’t equal progress.

This framework enables you to keep a constant eye on vital metrics throughout your business, allowing you to quickly assess its performance and strategic direction, and make well-informed decisions.

Amount Clients Have Paid For A 1:1 Consult OnThis:
RM 45,000

#3 : The Rocket Profits Method™

As you probably know, a business model is what differentiates a Struggling, Million-Dollar, Billion-Dollar and Trillion-Dollar business.

eg. McDonald’s vs A roadside burger stall

There is a systematic process to innovate a business model, it’s not done by just “being innovative”, this framework shows you how.

Amount Clients Have Paid For A 1:1 Consult On This:
RM 45,000

#4 : The Trend Analyzer Framework™

This helps you to identify, understand and leverage trends to stay ahead of your competition.

Instead of being overwhelmed and feel anxious, you can now navigate trends and changes with clarity and confidence.

Amount Clients Have Paid For A 1:1 Consult On This:
RM 25,000

#5 : The Profit Innovation Canvas™

Know what to do when profits are stagnant or decreasing.

This framework walks you through a 6-step process to identify opportunities for new profits and the shortest path to increase cash flow.

Amount Clients Have Paid For A 1:1 Consult On This:
RM 45,000

#6 : Put It All Together, Create Your Strategic Business Game Plan

By putting all ideas and insights into a 1-3-5-10 Year Game Plan, you’ll have the clarity to do the right things at the right time.

In other words, this is where you turn strategic planning into strategic execution.

Amount Clients Have Paid For A 1:1 Consult On This:
RM 35,000

As you’ll notice…

To Work 1-on-1 With Us On All The Above

It will cost you RM 225,000


But because this is the very first time we are releasing these frameworks that we’ve used behind closed doors with MNCs, Public Listed Companies, SMEs and Start-Ups…

You can get access to all these frameworks

With A First-Launch Offer of RM 3,997

Leverage the experience and expertise of the business consulting team who has worked with:


Dato’ James Foo
Business Innovation Mentor
Co-Founder & Chairman of Authority Institute

  • Successfully done FIVE IPOs
  • Launched 80+ startups across 13 industries and 3 countries
  • Member of the Malaysian MENSA Society, Sub-Committee member of SMI Association Malaysia, attaché for the Papua New Guinea, Trade Commission
  • Close 90+ deals globally, with his biggest deal at USD600 Million.
  • Published 2 books and regular resource speaker at industry events.

    May 28th to 29th 2024 (Tues, Wed)

    9.30 AM to 6.00 PM

    Iconik Co-Working Space, Petaling Jaya


    1. 2-Day New Profits Innovation Masterclass
    2. New Profits Framework™
    3. Business H.EL.M. Framework™
    4. Rocket Profits Method™
    5. Trend Analyzer Framework™
    6. Profit Innovation Canvas™
    7. Strategic Business Game Plan
    8. BONUS 1: Lunch Meals
    9. BONUS 2: List of The World’s Top 55 Business Model Ideas
    10. BONUS 3: Bring A Partner

    Get It All Right Now
    With The First Launch Offer Of
    RM 3,997 ONLY


    Should My Business Partners or Key Leaders attend?

    Yes. This is a great chance for alignment with your partners and key leaders. By attending the masterclass with them, you will be able to discuss, strategize and plan for execution on the spot. No need to wait and risk miscommunication!

    Will there be a recording of the session?

    No, and the reason is simple: we’ll be talking about your business, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want the information floating around the internet.

    Will there be an upsell?

    Yes and No.

    You see, what we will be giving you in the session is enough for you to get started in the right direction.

    But if you want us to work with you so you can implement faster while avoiding the mistakes, we can discuss this option further.

    Is there an offer for buying bulk tickets (group buy)?

    Yes, there is. For group buys of 3 pax and above, Click Here to speak to my team to get the offer.

    I've got some questions, how can I get support?

    All good. Click here to speak to my team, and they will support you.

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