117 Benefit-Selling and Action-Driven Words for your Sales & Marketing Copies

A Super Cheatsheet to Help you Craft Power-Packed Benefit Statements

What You’re Going To Learn

  • How to use a variety of words that are “action words”
  • How to include them in your marketing materials as powerful benefit statements
  • Basically it’s a cheat sheet that I had been updating over the years of copywriting, something that I will refer to anytime I want to craft any new copies

Tired of using the same words over and over again to market your products or services? Over-used words like improve, enhance, learn or discover. While those words are great, it’s a good idea to switch around, not just to show variety, but to better boost the benefits too.

For example, if you were to look at how we write the benefits of attending our Zero-Budget LinkedIn Marketing workshop, it goes something like this:

  • Optimise your profile for searches and rank high in LinkedIn SEO
  • Expand your connections exponentially with highly effective tools and hacks
  • Sexify your profile to attract the right target market
  • Strategise your contents to build brand and nurture your connection
  • Leverage on low-cost (mostly free) resources to boost your professional presence
  • Design persuasive sales outreach campaigns and increase your profits
  • Become an All-Star LinkedIn Marketer

Or our Email Marketing INTENSIVE:

  • Identify your right market segments and untapped business opportunities that you had never thought of before
  • Produce effective emails campaigns that connects with your target audience
  • Structure your emails for maximum effectiveness – psychologically and emotionally
  • Learn how to tap on simple content generation strategies so you won’t run out of topics to write on
  • Leverage on proven email templates for different stages of your sale cycle
  • Utilise free (or really low cost) tools to increase sales engagement by over 100%
  • Enhance your copywriting skills so you can sexify even the most boring products and services
  • Deploy an email marketing system to broadcast mass emails to all your prospects and clients
  • Improve email campaign performance with various tracking and optimisation tips

Better still, those words are usually action-driven, which by using it we know it will stimulate, well, action!

So here’s a little list that I’ve created, referred to, added-on and used over the years when I’m trying to write my sales copies and marketing materials. It’s a long, and definitely growing list, so you may want to check back once in a while.

  1. Accelerate
  2. Accentuate
  3. Accomplish
  4. Achieve
  5. Acquire
  6. Adapt
  7. Advance
  8. Allure
  9. Amaze
  10. Amplify
  11. Analyze
  12. Animate
  13. Appeal
  14. Application
  15. Aptitude
  16. Artistic
  17. Aspire
  18. Attain
  19. Attract
  20. Augment
  21. Be empowered
  22. Be equipped
  23. Be inspired
  24. Become
  25. Benefit
  26. Boost
  27. Challenge
  28. Charm
  29. Co-Construct
  30. Co-Create
  31. Communicate
  32. Create
  33. De-Construct
  34. Deploy
  35. Design
  36. Develop
  37. Discover
  38. Dispel
  39. Easily
  40. Effectively
  41. Eliminate
  42. Emphasize
  43. Empower
  44. Energize
  45. Engage
  46. Enhance
  47. Entertain
  48. Entice
  49. Equip
  50. Excite
  51. Exclusively
  52. Expand
  53. Experience
  54. Fortify
  55. Gain
  56. Generate
  57. Genuine
  58. Get
  59. Get Rid
  60. Glamourize
  61. Gracefully
  62. Groove
  63. Ground
  64. Grow
  65. Guarantee
  66. Guide
  67. Identify
  68. Impact
  69. Improve
  70. Increase
  71. Influence
  72. Initiate
  73. Innovatively
  74. Inspire
  75. Instill
  76. Jump-start
  77. Kick-start
  78. Know
  79. Learn
  80. Leverage
  81. Map
  82. Master
  83. Natural
  84. Neatly
  85. Nice
  86. Nimble
  87. Nourish
  88. Nullify
  89. Nurture
  90. Obtain
  91. Organise
  92. Optimize
  93. Positively
  94. Powerfully
  95. Practice
  96. Produce
  97. Profit
  98. Protect
  99. Pull
  100. Quickly
  101. Rapidly
  102. Re-Construct
  103. Re-Create
  104. Realign
  105. Reconnect
  106. Revolutionalize
  107. Secure
  108. Sensationalize
  109. Sexify
  110. Solid
  111. Strategize
  112. Strengthen
  113. Structure
  114. Study
  115. Uncover
  116. Understand
  117. Utilise
  118. Wonderfully

Phew, that is LONG! 


Business Development Strategist, Email Wizard, Content Magician and a Productivity Optimizer (codename: lazyass+cheapass), Maverick produces content for a living. With over 93% of his business starting from a simple (and often cold) email, Maverick consults SMEs, MNCs and startups on how to leverage on technology and creative story-telling to supercharge sales and rev-up customer engagement. When he's not working to put food on the table (and Lego in his son's collection), Mav loves to cafe-hop around the region with his partner-in-crime, Debbie.


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