Downsize Your PDFs & Images

Speed up your site loading, reduce attachments’ size and more!

What You're Going To Learn

  • How to reduce the file sizes of your images, so your website can load faster
  • How to reduce the file sizes of your PDFs, so it’s easier to be downloaded, attached or shared

Speed is everything! So when it comes to site loading speed, the page that loads the fastest has a clear advantage – keeping the site visitors’ attention!

Size is everything, too! If you have files that are too huge, it will be harder to share, attached in an email or to be loaded. Think about it: how often do your recipients miss your emails because your attachments are too big? Or even you, yourself, may be wary of downloading a file because of its size?

Let’s fix that today, with a free tool called Shortpixel.

*Disclaimer: The link given above and below is an affiliate link, and if you open your Shortpixel from this link, not only will I get an additional 100 images credits a month, but so will you, too! Each account is given X number of credits for the image resizing, so the more you have, the better. And yes, the monthly credit quota refreshes every month. Thanks in advance!


Step 1: Visit

Click on “SIGN UP”


Step 2: Sign Up For A FREE Account


Step 3: Login & Start Compressing

Once you’ve logged in to the backend (Admin), click on “COMPRESS”


Step 4: Upload Your Images

Drag and drop your images (JPG, PNG, GIF) into the box, or click on it to select the files as how you would normally attach a document in your emails.


Step 5: It works for PDFs too!

Click on “here” and you’ll be directed to another page, which allows you to upload your PDFs.

And that’s it!

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