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A Framework Removes the Guesswork from Prospects and Hardwork from Clients.

After launching 91 of our own startups across 16 industries with 5 IPOs, and working with thousands of MNCs, SMEs, and startups, here are three patterns we recognize.

It all starts with a Vision.

It might sound repetitive, idealistic or even superficial, but if you study all great businesses, they all start with a vision.

Whether it is to serve a greater purpose, to achieve a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), or even something as fundamental as providing for a family, the founders saw a picture of the future.

And as they say, “Seeing is believing”, from that vision, it spurred them into action.

Then comes the Foundational Functions.

In all businesses, you’ll notice that they have similar departmental structures. Depending on the size and maturity of the business, not all departments will exist at the start, but when you look at large companies, it’s eventual.

There are two levels of Foundational Functions.

The Tactical Level comprises Sales, Advertising, Accounting, Solutions, Operations and HR (Human Resources).

The Strategic Level comprises Marketing, Branding, Finance, Innovation, Management, and Talent Management.

But the vision will only be a dream if we don’t keep an eye on the Performance Pillars.

As the father of modern management, Peter Drucker, once said, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

For each of your departments, you need to install the right Performance Pillars to ensure you have the Optimized Output.

Think of it as the fuel gauge on your car’s dashboard, or the battery percentage on your mobile devices. Without those indications, you will constantly be in a state of anxiety and uncertainty.

Confidence comes with the Clarity, as Clarity leads to Commitment and Action.


If you’d like to know which of the six Performance Pillars you’ll need to channel for your focus on in the next 6 months, let’s have a quick chat.

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What’s The Difference?

Let’s use a simple metaphor of “fishing”.

Training happens when we teach you how to fish. This is where along with the knowledge, you’ll be equipped with our tools, templates and frameworks to ensure you’re capable of executing the strategy.

Mentoring happens when we follow you out fishing. This is where hands-on guidance, on-the-spot feedback and refinement come in to increase your success and ROI.

Consulting happens when you tell us what type of fish you want, and after studying the entire ocean, we let you know the best spots. This is where you’ll tap into our experience, expertise and connections to strategize the Pathway to New Profits.


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It’s 31st December 2031.

We made it to the Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies, recognised as the world’s best platform to mentor, consult and facilitate C (C-Suites), E (Entrepreneurs), and O (Owners) worldwide.

Our C.E.O. clients are small and medium business leaders whose dreams and desires are to build a 100-year company that matters. Their business will impact themselves and their communities globally.

Every C.E.O confronts a series of challenges that can be ranked in the following order:
The first priority is succession planning. Their inability to attract and retain quality talent results in being unprepared for the turnover of senior leadership which will affect operating performance and an increase volatility.

The second priority is building the business and increasing “bankability” value.

A third priority is the ability to transition to a digital-first world and navigating the technological changes.

We at Authority Institute solve these problems by supporting them with insights, inspiration and illuminating the path they walk with distilled frameworks so that they can take out the guesswork that allows their business to run like clockwork without them.

We support over 100,000 businesses and have revenue of over USD100 Million annually.
We contribute to our community by bringing abundance to our C.E.O.. They will have freedom, fortune, and legacy. They will impact their families, community, city, country.

Authority Institute, together with 100 C.E.O.s, will donate $10 million.