Leaders who roll out EOS® in their companies sometimes struggle with identifying good Scorecard numbers for their human resources (HR) team. Since HR isn’t a machine or a highly predictable area of the company, it can be hard to get started. You can learn how to identify good Measurables for HR in your organization with a little experimentation.


In many situations, people in HR also serve in other roles. In general, they’re not accustomed to connecting numbers to their work. Don’t let those become reasons to avoid doing the work, though. You can identify great numbers to measure your HR team.

EOS Implementers® like me are not in the habit of giving our teams Scorecard numbers (because we aren’t consultants). But we’re happy to help our teams determine what’s best for them (because we are teachers, facilitators, and coaches).

When my teams get stuck on Measurables for their HR team, I give them examples of things that have worked for other clients.